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Public consultation is a key part of preparing the Local Development Framework

This website contains information on the Horsham District Local Development Framework (LDF).

On this site it is possible to get an overview of what the LDF is and how it operates, examine the contents and status of each of the component documents and find out how to be involved in the process.



The Council published a consultation document on How much housing does Horsham District need? on 10 February 2012.



The next Strategic Planning Advisory Group will meet on
13 March 2012 at 5.30pm.



The Council published the Draft Horsham Town Plan for consultation on 28 October 2011



The Council submitted its formal response to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation on 17 October 2011.



The Council adopted a reviewed Statement of Community Involvement on 23 September 2011.





See what is happening on:

  National Planning Policy Framework

  Core Strategy Review

  Land West and North West of Crawley

  Land West of Horsham

  Site Specific Allocations of Land

  General Development Control Policies

Quick Links:

  Strategic Planning Advisory Group

  Adopted Core Strategy (2007)

  Statement of Community Involvement

  Annual Monitoring Report

  Planning Obligations

  Proposals Map

  Village and Parish Design Statements


  Horsham Local Plan (Planning Portal)

  West Sussex County Council Planning

  Regional Planning

What is the LDF process?

Current Consultations:

The documents on which we currently want your comments are:


How much housing does Horsham District need?


How to make and view representations

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